Exhibitor Rules

1. Participation Procedures

1.1 Qualification Exhibiting company must be a legally registered company/business organization in the country or region in accordance with applicable laws. The Organizing Committee has the right to request the exhibiting company to present the latest business registration certificate, company registration certificate or other registration documents, as well as business cards, product catalogue or other materials to prove their business.

1.2 Booth Application Exhibiting company should fill in, sign and stamp the Booth Contract, and send it to the Organizing Committee; upon confirmation, 50% or full amount of booth payment shall be paid within 3 working days. The contract will automatically become invalid for overdue payment. The balance payment should be paid before deadline; otherwise, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel the booth without refunding the deposit.

1.3 Booth Confirmation By signing the Booth Contract, exhibiting company agrees to abide by all the Terms and Conditions and other terms. The exhibiting company will receive the electronic version of Booth Confirmation and Exhibitor Manual after remitting the full booth payment. Exhibiting Terms and Conditions, Booth Confirmation and Exhibitor Manual are integral parts of the Booth Contract and shall be binding on both parties.

2. Booth Use

2.1 Exhibits Requirements All exhibits should conform to the exhibition range specified by the Organizing Committee and must be consistent with the Booth Contract. No fake, counterfeit or illegal products. The Organizing Committee has the right to remove those unqualified products, while the resulting risks and expenses should be borne by the exhibiting company.

2.2 No Sublet Any exhibiting company shall not assign, transfer or sublet the whole or any part of their booth to any third party; otherwise, the Organizing Committee has the right to cancel the qualification of participation in the current and next fair, and the losses caused shall be borne by the exhibiting company.

2.3 Promotion Area Distribution of any brochures or items is restricted to the booth of exhibiting company. Aisles and any other public space should not be occupied. It is prohibited to distribute brochures or items not belonging to the exhibiting company in any place. Once found, the Organizing Committee has the right to confiscate those materials, and cancel their participation.

2.4 Volume Control Loudspeaker equipment will be denied entrance to exhibition venue. During the fair period, if the volume in the booth exceeds 75dB which affects the neighboring booths, and the exhibiting company refuses to turn down the volume after negotiation, the Organizing Committee has the right to cut the supply of electricity and even cancel their participation.

2.5 Booth Allocation The Organizing Committee has full rights to allocate the booth of the exhibiting company and reserves the right of final decision. Even if the booths have been booked up, the Organizing Committee shall have the right to redistribute or change the space of exhibition halls according to the needs of the fair, including but not limited to the access, and exhibiting company shall not terminate the contract or claim compensation for aforementioned changes.

2.6 No Show The Organizing Committee has the right to dispose of the booth if the exhibiting company no show or fails to set up the booth within setup period.

3. Booth Fee

3.1 Booth Fee In addition to the rent fee for exhibition halls, the booth fee contains a wide range of services provided by the Organizing Committee, such as consultation and planning advice, publicity and technical support. When calculating the space, if the area mantissa is less than 1m2, it will be calculated by 1m2. The area calculation refers to the ground area, including the building protrusions, pillars, connections and other similar fixed installations.

3.2 Change of Booth If the exhibiting company cancels the booth unilaterally, it means that it has completely given up participation in the fair, but the booth fee which has been paid will not be refunded. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reassign the booth; the exhibiting company who cancels will no longer enjoy any rights deriving from participation. If the exhibiting company requests to reduce the space, the deposit for the reducing space will not be refunded, but will be counted into the whole booth payment.

3.3 Payment Rule The exhibiting company shall pay all booth fee by corporate account, and add "Booth Payment for Xiamen Stone Fair 2021" as the remittance remark to clarify the purpose. The booth fee shall not be paid by a third-party company. With the approval of the Organizing Committee, the payment can be remitted by an individual, while "Company Name + Booth Payment for Xiamen Stone Fair 2021" should be added as the remittance remark to clarify the purpose.

3.4 Invoice Exhibiting company should provide accurate invoice information before the specified date, otherwise it will not be processed. The company name submitted for the invoice by the exhibiting company shall be consistent with that in the contract and the remitter of the booth fee.

4. Booth Setup

4.1 Booth Setup Booth Setup Time: 8:30-17:00, May 15-17, 2021. All exhibits and materials can only be moved in and out of the venue during this period. All vehicles transporting exhibits and materials must leave the exhibition venue and outdoor area by 17:00, May 17, and all booth setup should be completed meanwhile. Only with the permission of both the exhibition center and the Organizing Committee can the overtime work be carried out. If an individual exhibiting company fails to complete the booth setup before the deadline, it shall submit a written application for overtime work to the exhibition center, and bear the relevant overtime expenses and the risks that may be caused.

4.2 Booth Dismantling Booth Dismantling starts from 16:00 on May 21, 2021. Before that time, all the items (including products purchased by visitors) cannot be moved out of the venue. All the exhibiting products should be moved out of the venue overnight to avoid any loss. Exhibiting company and their contractor must remove all exhibits and other materials from the booth during the dismantling period.

4.3 Booth Setup Approval Exhibiting company who books raw space should login or entrust a contractor to login “Booth Setup Approval Platform” to finish the approval procedure before March 31, 2021. Unapproved booths are not allowed to enter and set up. The on-site design of the booth must be in accordance with that submitted in the “Booth Setup Approval Platform”. Unapproved exhibiting company shall queue up at the Registration Counter to be approved, and bear the loss of booth setup time and any risks it may cause.

4.4 Booth Image The company name and booth number must be clearly visible on the booth. Partitions facing the adjacent booths should be white and clean, without affecting the image of other booths.

4.5 Booth Safety Exhibiting company shall abide by the fire control safety system and other relevant regulations of the exhibition hall, shall not damage or affect the use of fire control facilities, and shall not occupy fire control passages, public space or the space overhead. It is strictly prohibited to build over height and overweight booth, two-layer booth, or have any kind of hangings. The frame on the ceiling of the exhibition venue shall not be used as a support point for lifting the structure of the booth. If top cover is necessary, it shall not exceed 30% of the total booth space, and should be designed into separate parts evenly without blocking the above Spray System.

4.6 Setup Materials The materials used in the booth setup shall be non-flammable or flame retardant materials stipulated by the national and local Fire Control Laws. Wood and carpets should be made of flame retardant materials or have flame retardant properties. Gummed wire is prohibited to use as self-provided wires.

4.7 Amelioration Rule In case of any violation of relevant regulations and failure to rectify before the deadline, the Organizing Committee shall have the right to renovate the booth, and the expenses incurred shall be borne by the exhibiting company. For more details about booth setup and dismantling, please refer to the Exhibitor Manual issued by the Organizing Committee.

5. Entry Procedures

5.1 Exhibitor Badge Exhibitor Badge can be claimed at Exhibitor Registration Counter by presenting Booth Confirmation at 8:30-17:00 on May 15-17, 2021. Allotted amount of Exhibitor Badge is free as the following chart. Exhibiting company should submit the participant list before April 16, 2021. Additional Exhibitor Badges cost CNY 20 each before April 16, 2021. Overdue submission or modification will cost CNY 50 each on site.

Booth Size (m2)






Above 400

Amount of Badges






50 at most

5.2 Booth Confirmation After remitting all the booth payment, the exhibiting company can login the "Exhibitor Area" with username and password on February 1, 2021, and obtain the electronic Booth Confirmation. Booth Confirmation is the sole certificate to claim Exhibitor Badge and Invoice. Online registration is required before claiming.

5.3 Deposit for Booth Setup Exhibiting company does not need to pay the booth setup management fee, but should pay booth setup deposit to the Service Counter before booth setup starts. Credit card is recommended, while cash is acceptable. The deposit will be automatically refunded to the original account if all the exhibits and other items are cleared away after fair closed.

Booth Area (m2)






An Entire Hall (eg. Hall A1)

Deposit (CNY)







6. Safety Rules

6.1 Operation Safety During the booth setup and dismantling period, all the staffs in the venue (inside and outside) should wear helmet. When working aloft, staffs should wear helmet, fasten safety belt and take related safety measures. No use of unqualified climbing tools, or delivering tools and objects by throwing. No alcoholic before and at work. The setup and maintenance of the booth shall be undertaken or entrusted by the exhibiting company. The economic and legal liabilities arising from personnel injuries, fire accidents and property losses caused by illegal operation and electricity use shall be borne by the exhibiting company (individuals) involved.

6.2 Exhibits Safety All items moving in and out of the venue must be checked by security. Before the booth dismantling time starts, moving out of exhibits (including products sold on-site) is not allowed. Exhibiting company shall keep the exhibits with special secure all the time, and should not leave the booth until the security check finishes after closing time every day. Valuable and small exhibits or items should be carried all the time or locked. Exhibiting company can rent and install real-time monitoring system. The Organizing Committee does not guarantee the safety of the exhibits and items of the exhibiting company.

6.3 Other Rules No smoking in the venue. No airship, balloon or UAV in the venue (indoor and outdoor). No hanging from the ceiling of exhibition hall. No overweight exhibits entering the venue. It is forbidden to pile the packing boxes in anywhere other than the designated storing area. Exhibiting company and their representatives should abide by the fire safety responsibility of the exhibition venue (including but not limited to: fix booth structure, hanging and ornamental stable, keep the exhibits inside of booth to avoid occupy or influence the use of fire-fighting facilities, clean up the booth setup waste in time to ensure the public aisle open and unimpeded), also abide by the fire safety of booth and exhibits. In case of violation of fire regulations, all responsibilities shall be borne by the exhibiting company. Exhibiting company should strictly comply with other safety rules.

6.4 Liability and Insurance Exhibiting company shall appoint a person responsible for security, carry out security education and management, and improve safety awareness of the staffs. The Organizing Committee requires all exhibiting companies and their contractors to purchase the third-party Public Liability Insurance and other insurances related to their employees and exhibits. The Organizing Committee and its affiliates shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage caused by loss, theft, fire or other cases. In case that the Organizing Committee suffers any claim due to the exhibiting company or any reasons related to their participation, the exhibiting company shall compensate to the Organizing Committee for its losses.

7. Promotion Materials

7.1 Exhibiting Information All information filled in by exhibiting company on the Booth Contract and Exhibitor Area will be used for the production of booth facial board, fair catalogue, exhibitor list, website, press release in WeChat Official Account, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The exhibiting company shall be responsible for the authenticity of their information. If any change, they shall notify the Organizing Committee in writing at least 60 days before the opening of the fair. The change can only be made with the written approval of the Organizing Committee. If there are any errors or omissions in the free services and promotional activities provided by the Organizing Committee in fair catalogue, exhibitor list, website, press release in WeChat Official Account, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, the Organizing Committee shall not bear any economic or legal responsibility.

7.2 Photograph and Video Permission The Organizing Committee shall have the right to produce photographs, pictures, films and videos in accordance with the activities, booths and exhibits of the fair, and to use them in advertising or general media publications.

8. Intellectual Property

8.1 Exhibiting company agrees to abide by all regulations in Measures for the protection of intellectual property rights of exhibitions and “Measures of Xiamen Municipality on the protection of intellectual property rights of exhibitions”, and accepts the relevant provisions formulated by the Organizing Committee in accordance with the aforementioned measures.

8.2 Exhibiting company should ensure all their projects (including but not limited to exhibits, packages, booths, panel walls, promotion materials, etc.) not to infringe any third party's legal rights and interests, including intellectual property rights of registered and legitimate trademark, copyright, patent, design and designation, etc.; and promise to cooperate with the examination work of the Organizing Committee as well as the investigation and evidence collection work by the Intellectual Property Administrative Departments and judicial Authorities.

8.3 Exhibiting company should bring supporting documents to fair if the exhibiting projects involved in intellectual property disputes. If there is any intellectual property marking used in the exhibiting projects, the marks shall be made in accordance with relevant provisions.

8.4 The Organizing Committee may request the exhibiting company to take measures such as covering up or dismantle the booth if the exhibitng project is complained of intellectual property infringement. If the exhibiting company infringes upon the rights affirmed by the Intellectual Property Administrative Departments and judicial Authorities, the exhibiting company shall stop the infringement and compensate to the infringed party and the Organizing Committee for their losses.

8.5 Exhibiting company shall not make malicious complaints. If the respondent suffers losses due to false complaint materials submitted with malicious complaints, the exhibiting company shall bear the corresponding compensations and losses.

8.6 Any intellectual property disputes related to the fair may be settled through consultation or applied for mediation to relevant departments. If consultation and mediation fail, a lawsuit can be filed to the People's Court of the place where the fair is located.

9. Force Majeure

If due to force majeure or other circumstances beyond its control (such as power blackout), the Organizing Committee is forced to temporarily or long time clear away one or some exhibition halls, or postpone or shorten the fair, the exhibiting company shall not be entitled to terminate or cancel the Contract, or claim compensation from the Organizing Committee, especially demand compensation for damage. If the Organizing Committee cancels the exhibition due to force majeure or other circumstances beyond its control, the Organizing Committee shall not be responsible for the damages and adverse effects of the exhibiting company caused by the aforementioned cancellation.

10. Dissolution of Contract

If the exhibiting company violates the Contract, such as disrespecting the rights of the Organizing Committee, content and interests protected by law, the Organizing Committee has the right to terminate the Contract, and will no longer be reasonably expected to abide by the Contract. In aforementioned case, the Organizing Committee has the right not only to cancel the Contract, but also not to refund the payment remitted by the exhibiting company. The right of the Organizing Committee to recover other losses remains unaffected.